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February 17, 2019

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Feb 08, 2015



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Mile: 4:38.0 (Florida, May 2015)

5K: 15:33 (Florida, Jan. 2019)

10K: 34:31 (Florida, Sept. 2015)

15K: 50:07 (Florida, Feb. 2017)

1/2 Marathon: 1:12:33 (Florida, Feb. 2017)

Marathon: 2:47:56 (Florida, Nov. 2015)

100k (non-certified, 63.3 miles, trail): 9:11:00 (Florida, Jan. 2019)


I started running in 2010 and have (mostly) kept it a habit ever since!  

Miles:This week: 58.75 Month: 185.51 Year: 546.32
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AM: Gym and intervals on the treadmill.  I really enjoyed going fast- although that is relative at the moment.  I had a lot of fun today.

I had the itch today for the first time in a very long time.  The place I workout at -orangetheory- was having an endurance/treadmill competition, and my group of three (two women and myself) lost round 1 (got second place) to a group of three guys who were just... the typical group of guys who you would expect to win.  I did not like being on the other side of it.  The other teams in the gym also competing were even outwardly rooting for us to catch them, so I was a bit disappointed to lose with myself on the treadmill for the last leg.  I did try!

The workout was to have 1 person running at all times while they other two alternated the weight room and the rowing machine and then rotate, so it was a  lot of running around- literally. 

We regrouped for round two- determined to do better at the transitions.  One of the women on my team suggested a technique to transition better so we felt a new set of confidence.  Fortunately, we were able to beat them by a full quarter mile by the end of this round- but more interestingly, we beat their previous best distance in the first half hour by a couple of hundreths of a mile which was a cool surprise.  The best part, is that they put your name on this white board where it stays until someone later in the day beats it, so I was egocentrically happy to see theirs erased and ours put up.  

To see their team competitively get annoyed that we had gotten them in the end did make my day a little, although I feel a bit smug and ashamed thinking these particular thoughts.  One guy on their team even through up his hands and pointed at me as I was running, I'm assuming thinking we must've been cheating (we weren't).  I think that was the best part.  

From jtshad on Thu, Sep 06, 2018 at 07:40:49 from

Welcome back to the blog. Glad that you are starting to enjoy running again as part of your routine. Hope the family issue is resolved and you are getting out of your 'funk'. Good job to your team on the gym competition.

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