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Phil Doganeiro 3 Bridge 5k

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FL,United States

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Feb 08, 2015



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Certified course PR's:

Mile: 4:38.0 (Florida, May 2015)

5K: 15:33 (Florida, Jan. 2019)

10K: 34:31 (Florida, Sept. 2015)

15K: 50:07 (Florida, Feb. 2017)

1/2 Marathon: 1:12:33 (Florida, Feb. 2017)

Marathon: 2:26:57 (Washington, July 2019)

100k (63.3 miles, trail): 9:11:00 (Florida, Jan. 2019)


I started running in 2010 and have (mostly) kept it a habit ever since!  

Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 177.56 Year: 3580.20
Race: Phil Doganeiro 3 Bridge 5k (3.107 Miles) 00:16:07, Place overall: 2, Place in age division: 2
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Phil Doganeiro 3 Bridge 5k Race Report

I definitely decided to race this after hearing there would be money again.  The money involved is right in between "worth-it if it's close enough" and "not worth it if it's a flight/long drive" fork the 5k.  For the half, the $ starts at $2,000, so I figured there would be a couple of pros (there were 2) who would shoot for that, and only top 3 win money in both races.  The 5k starts a bit more meager at $750, then drops to $500 and then to $250.  I think that is worth it for being a 20-minute drive, so even though I'm in very average to below-average shape, I couldn't fathom anyone making the trek for that type of money, so I assumed I'd have a shot with an okay time.

Race started off up the first hill and then into the main bridge over Clearwater with me in 5th/6th place, as I opened with a 5:09 mile, and the lead group came in at 5:03 or so.  By the time I hit the top of the bridge, my pace had sunk to 5:16/mile, while they seemed to be still trucking along in front of me (I'm in 5th still at this point).  Once the bridge crested, I think the pace up such a long bridge finally got to everyone, so even though I didn't speed up per se, they broke apart as a group except for the top two guys.  In the first half of mile two and at the turn-around I caught two runners who were huffing and puffing, and I was feeling taxed, but still okay.  I was now in third and figured this would be my goal finishing spot, but the guy in second absolutely fell apart the moment he hit the big bridge again.  I passed him as if he was standing still, and then felt aspirations of catching first!  Well, I definitely underestimated the bridge a bit here, and should have pulled off my pace, which had dipped down to a 5:05/mile overall average.  Even when I crested and had the massive downhill down the backside, I was still losing seconds on the downhill!  The first place guy threw down a bit here just to create some serious seperation (he ended up by winning by over 50 seconds) and so I just put a gap between myself and third and decided to hold that and stop pushing so hard.  I knew my sprint-speed was great, so if I maintained a 10-second or better leader at minimum, I'd be fine as we were less than a half mile to go.  I never needed the sprint, so I just coasted to the finish and to $500!  Sometimes I'm very thankful not too many speedy runners live in this area.

I felt fine after the 5k- maybe a little queasy from the humidity/heat.  The guy who won turned out to be a 14-flat 5k runner as well as a 3:55-miler as recently as April, so I wouldn't have gotten him on my best day, so that certainly gave me some solace.

I definitely hate this course.  There are just so few hills/bridges to train on down here that it makes a course like this a nightmare.  I just rarely/never practice inclines or declines, so I'm just out of breath immediately.  It's such an odd feeling to feel 'out of shape' when running a slow pace.  I guess I can focus a bit more on that on some treadmill runs.

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